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Everett Financial Crime Defense Lawyer

Washington White Collar Crimes Attorney

When you've been charged with a financial crime, you want an experienced lawyer who can understand the intricate details of any charges against you. A prosecution for a financial crime can include careful analysis of financial statements or other complex documents. You want an attorney who has the experience and the knowledge to understand all the evidence and who can help a judge or jury understand your rights.

At the Law Office of Mark D. Mestel, I have dedicated my practice exclusively to criminal defense for more than 32 years. I am first and foremost a trial lawyer and have built a strong reputation among my colleagues for my effectiveness in court. Though I will consider a plea bargain if it is in your best interests, my preference is always to fight for your rights at trial. In more than three decades of practice, I have personally handled hundreds of felony trials.

To set up a free initial consultation, contact my office or call me at 425-374-1935 (toll free at 866-493-2417).

Aggressive Defense in Financial Crimes Prosecutions

I defend anyone charged with a financial crime in state or federal court, including cases involving allegations of:

  • Fraud: I defend people charged with obtaining money or property under false promises or pretenses.
  • Embezzlement: I represent anyone charged with using a position of authority, responsibility or access to steal or misappropriate funds or property.
  • Identity theft: I protect the rights of people charged with using the personal information of another person for monetary gain.
  • Money laundering: I defend people charged with taking money obtained from illegal activities (frequently drug trafficking) and taking actions to make it appear to have been legally earned.

I also represent people charged with forgery or involvement in Ponzi schemes.

In my experience, individuals charged with financial crimes in the state courts run a greater risk that their sentence will be outside the guidelines. Because an exceptional sentence in the state courts can run anywhere from 90 days to 10 years, you want an experienced attorney to aggressively fight for your rights. Because of my reputation for aggressively defending our clients, many of my new cases come to me as referrals from other lawyers.

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For a free initial consultation with an experienced Everett financial crime defense attorney, contact me or call me at 425-374-1935 (toll free at 866-493-2417). I will travel to the jail to meet with you, if necessary.


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